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When you are committed to conserving energy and doing your bit to protect the environment, one of the key aspects to pay attention to is insulation. Inadequate insulation may be the reason behind your home feeling extremely cold in winters and excessively hot in summers or disproportionately high energy bills. As one of the most trusted Los Angeles home insulation contractors, we have been providing homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas the best of home insulation and energy audit services.

We Are Well-Versed in Wide-Ranging Types of Insulation Materials

We provide extensive home insulation services and are well-versed in wide-ranging types of insulation materials. Whether you are looking to insulate your home using rigid boards, cellulose, fiberglass or radiant barrier, Colossal Builders is the most obvious choice. 

As one of the the leading Los Angeles home insulation contractors, we have decades of experience in providing:

  • Wall Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Ceiling Insulation
  • Floor Insulation

While we offer the best of home insulation, we also advise you on the right type of insulation material based on your specific budget and energy-saving requirements. 

  • Fiberglass: Available as batts or as loose-fill, fiberglass is the preferred material for attic insulation. Comprised of tiny glass fibers, this material can be used in crawl spaces and wall insulation as well.
  • Cellulose: For those looking for a natural, environmentally friendly insulation material, cellulose is the ideal choice. With recycled material making up 85 percent of cellulose, it can be used to insulate any area in the home.
  • Rigid board or foam: Made of synthetic substances such as polyurethane, polystyrene or polyisocyanurate, rigid foam offers excellent moisture-resistance and energy efficiency while significantly reducing energy costs. 
  • Radiant barrier: This is a type of product that reflects heat and prevents its transfer of radiant heat. Made of thin aluminum foil, the radiant barrier can also be attached to other insulation materials such as rigid foam or bubble insulation. Radiant barrier insulation installed below the roof help cut down cooling costs in summer by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat.

Choose One of the Top Rated Los Angeles Home Insulation Contractors For Your Project

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As the most preferred among Los Angeles energy efficiency companies, we have worked closely with homeowners to offer professional home energy audit. Our highly trained and certified energy audit professionals inspect your home thoroughly to evaluate potential leaks. 

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As one of the most professional home insulation contractors in  Los Angeles area, we can help you achieve your goals of

  • reducing your monthly energy bills
  • maximizing energy efficiency
  • making your home soundproof 
  • optimizing cooling/heating systems
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